Welcome! My name is Jessica Chaves, owner & artist

In 2019, I established TCG following the loss of my sister to breast cancer. During this difficult period, I found solace in my art, turning to it for comfort. Art has long served as a therapeutic avenue, a passion that has been with me since childhood. From the earliest days of holding a crayon, I would immerse myself in a world of memories and imagination. What initially began as a relaxing pastime soon evolved into a compelling aspiration. 

My focus lies in crafting intricate and enchanting illustrations that evoke inspiration and wonder. I am dedicated to making fine art more inclusive by infusing a touch of magic into everyday experiences. Through my creations, I aim to bring joy, kindle the imagination, and transport individuals to a realm of enchantment.

You can find me anywhere @thecraftedgoat.
If you have any questions, email me jessica@thecraftedgoat.com